Saturday, November 05, 2011


I just noticed I seem to use SSAAWWWEEETT sorta regularly.



K - so Radio Flyer left an empty spot in the "fleet" - soooooo, in comes ED!! He's a 1973 Honda CB360.. that's right 360!!! not a little tiny 350, but a balls-out 360 :P Rammer figured he needed a piercing on the front fender and I smashed a VW cat-eye into the headlight casing. SAAWWEEEETTT


Yeah - whatever.

So - I guess I should mention - KR has lost his roomy that he had for a while - Radio Flyer had to go to a new home.... Went to a very nice couple who had two little wee ones, and he seemed to be pretty keen on the VW's, so I'm going to go with Radio Flyer went to a good home =)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ahh Pretty Sunset...

HA - Not so much - 11pm, that's not a sunset - that's the glow from the bloody engine fire going on in the rearview!!! Being a wagon made for smokey inside. LOL. Guess Karma's officially one of the family now - I've managed to light every one of my VW's on fire one way or another... It happens. Right?

This was just a little burp outta the carb... which may have had a wee bit of extra starter juice in it - which, when it burped, lite up the engine like Hiroshima. Good thing I had a canvas bank money bag laying around to beat the fire down - don't ask... And good thing for pancake engines - as you can see no damage, just a flash fire... sorta :)

Anyways, good part is, she ran and sounded like a champ - but is looking like needs some gas-line maintenance, tank was drained, but need to work out the injection kinks it seems. So yup, getting close to a voyage on the ashpalt!

Oh - and peel back some of the asbestos undercoating reveils the most pristein pan I've ever owned!! SSAAAWWWEEEETTTT

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

MMWWAAAHAHAHAHAHahahaaaaahhhh Loser

K - I wonder how many excuses I can come up with? PPfffttt. Here's a pic of Rammer with his new piercings - AND, as mentioned, INTRODUCING Karma. She's hot huh?